Need help choosing a cycle-to-work bike: Boardman or Carrera?


My work is offering a cycle-to-work scheme I am looking to take advantage of. The only slight catch is that I have to get the bike from Halfords. I am a 'slow and steady' rider who still thinks of herself as novice despite the fact I get on my bike 10 times a week.

I have been cycling to work the past year on a heavy, old, rusty Carrera Subway I bought 2nd hand. I currently cycle around 3 miles from the station to work and back again, leaving my bike at the station. I am looking to move closer to work however, and would be cycling about 6 miles in each direction, and using my bike for getting around and connecting with trains and tubes.

The chap in Halfords was recommending the Boardman Ladies Hybrid which seems very sleek and whizzy; a bit of a change from my current ride!

However it's a little more than I had planned on spending and I'm also worried about it being stolen if I have to lock it up outside eg at a station.

The other bike I'm looking at is a Carrera Crossfire 2

Its a bit heavier and a lot less sporty looking but is also cheaper.

There is a £200 difference in the prices I've been given, which works out at around £10 difference per month after tax.

Is the Boardman worth the extra investment?


  • By paul at 8:23pm 20 February 2013

The Crossfire has suspension forks. Are you intending to ride rough tracks ? if not they are best avoided.

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