Nervous! But excited too

Hi all, Ok I haven't been on a bike for years! But have decided to start in January. My biggest reason was to save money as public transport costs will be rising again. I've invested in a tricycle as I will be commuting with my daughter. I will be going out on my own first to get myself used to cycling on roads in Tower Hamlets and build my confidence before going out with her on board. I will be decking out bike with all necessary equipment, lights, tools etc. we will be wearing helmets, visor coat for me and a suitable cover for rainy weather for daughter. I have planned route on the more quieter back roads (not a long journey but will save money and good exercise). Just wondered if anyone had any advice/experience riding with a child? Thanks :)


Hi AL, 


I'm sure our members will give you some great tips, but there's a good blog by Steph here: 


Hi, I regularly take my (small) 14 year old daughter to school on our tandem before cycling on to work. I also use it to take her to scouts. I find it is important to

a) Plan the journey carefully to avoid main roads

b) Allow plenty of time and

c) Allow for the fact that she is not as strong as I am and

   may tire easily - i.e. assume that in the worst case scenario

   I will have to do all the work. This is particularly important at

   junctions - allow extra time for pulling out because you will not

   be able to accelerate hard.

d) If you are new to cycling take it easy to avoid picking up injuries.

   Hope this helps




  • By AL1972 at 7:56pm 2 December 2013
Thanks Henry Dalton, My daughter is 8mths at the moment (10mths in January) so hopefully not too heavy. I plan to cycle at a leisurely pace. I think more than anything just nervous as I've not cycled since I was young! Lol
  • By AL1972 at 8:15pm 2 December 2013
Read the blog lol brilliant and prob how I'd be! Have just looked on my local council website and I can/will be booking a lesson :)

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