New bike pump in Kingston

The public bike pump has been installed for more than a month now on the corner of Clarence Street and Little Wood Street (opposite John Lewis).  It was supplied by Cyclehoop and installed by Kingston Council. The Kingston Cycling Campaign (KCC) obtained an Environment grant from Kingston Council to buy the pump. We hope that it will help people by maintaining the correct pressure in their tyres - which will keep them rolling more efficiently and make cycling more pleasurable. Riding a mountain bike with sort tyres can be hard work! Good pressure should also help prevent punctures as squishy tyres get things like glass shards stuck in them more easily than hard tyres. Check the side of your tyre for the correct pressure.

The pump has a gauge and is easy to use. There are instructions posted on the front in case the user isn't sure. KCC have to maintain the pump (not that there is much that can go wrong with it - it's very sturdy construction). The hose head has two holes. One for Presta (thin) valves and another for Schrader valves. Please use the 'lock/ unlock' lever correctly to avoid damage. Pull the lever up to clamp the hose on the valve and push it closed to release it.

We also hope that it gives the message that cyclists are being provided for, encourage and looked after. We hear lots of comments from passers-by along the lines of "what a good idea" - so that seems to be working.

John Legate with the new pump in Clarence Street, Kingston


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Jon Fray, KCC



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