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A new crossing has been installed at an entrance to Kensington Gardens.

The new toucan crossing of Bayswater Road, at Black Lion Gate, enables eastbound cyclists to reach the Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens, which is shared-use for pedestrians and cyclists. A new cycle track along the footway, shown in the photo, allows cyclists to reach the crossing and wait, if necessary, for the green cycle signal. A drawing is attached to this article.

The crossing at Black Lion Gate
The crossing at Black Lion Gate

Before the crossing was improved, it was for pedestrians only and far narrower. Most eastbound cyclists entered the park by doing a right turn at the crossing, which could be a difficult manoeuvre.

As a separate project, the Royal Parks have designed changes to the gates at both ends of the Broad Walk, with a view to reducing congestion and conflict between cyclists and pedestrians.

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A useful bit of new infrastructure, but what tells cyclists that bit of black asphalt is a new cycle track?

If I hadn't known about this scheme from seeing this article, I certainly wouldn't have known I could mount the pavement and cycle on this bit of footway!

I note this scheme is on the boundary of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea, on a TfL road and adjacent to a Royal Park. Whose scheme is this, and hence who could we ask to add a cycle symbol to the cycle track?

It's in Westminster, which extends further west north of the Bayswater Road.

Yes, it would help to have a cycle symbol; however, as the photo shows, some cyclists are already using the track - some even in the wrong direction!

It seems my earlier post was premature - the black asphalt is now green asphalt! Hopefully some cycle markings are still to come, but the green paint certainly helps differentiate it from the footway.

Used this the other evening, to enter Kensington Gardens, when cycling home from West London. It is a simple and effective solution that leads into the park via the toucan crossing. It is painted green and it's easy to spot.

This is what I call an 'uncycleable cycle facility'. Even if the crossing were green for pedestrians/cyclists you would have to do a touch down to steady yourself to take the sharp right turn around the signal post. If the post was moved just a metre or two further 'upsream' so the track extended beyond it (and perhaps the whole crossing widened), it would be a great improvement. Sadly, so may cycle facilities are ruined by an ill-placed post.

  • By evansdch at 12:29am 7 November 2014

I must have cycled into Kensington Gardens via that gate at least 10 times before I noticed the new way in.

It shoudl be welcomed. But as the poster above suggests, you'd have to stop to use it whatever and it just seems a bit tacked on. I'll try to use it - it can only be better than my usually haphazard entry route in.

can somene explain why does Kensington Gardens have to be so difficult about closing times. Cycle routes in Hyde Park seem to be open into the night. It would be so much better if this could be the same in its sister park.   


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