New cycle parking requested for New Malden

Kingston Cyclists have requested that the council install some cycle parking in Blagdon Road outside Lidl supermarket and the Topnotch Health Club. Topnotch has some 'wheel-bender' cycle parking which we do not recommend using because it is pretty-much impossible to secure your bike's frame.

It is unbelievable that a major supermarket can open in this day and age without any cycle parking provision. When Lidl opened in Chessington not long ago they installed truly dreadful cycle parking which no one uses. Maybe providing no cycle parking is actually better than provising cycle parking that makes theft easy.  The German supermarket hasn't been very helpful, and neither has Kingston Council's Planning department with regard to getting the agreed cycle parking at the Chessington Branch.

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The neighbourhood engineer says there is funding available to do this, so he's going to survey the location. Hope it can be done sooner rather than later.

New cycle stands have now been installed at Blagdon Road outside the Lidl supermarket and the Topnotch gym. That seemed simple enough. Thanks Royal Borough of Kingston. The bigger challenge will be to get a contra-flow cycle lane in Blagdon Road which would mean that cyclists no longer have to do a circuit of the multi-storey car park to get to the High Street!

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