New HGV Rules

I am an experianced HGV Driving Instructor. A new law has come into force 10/04/2014 where any driver having passed a car driving test in a manual car will now be able to sit a test in an automatic lorry or bus in order to gain a full manual licence for that vehicle. This is the equalivent of allowing such drivers to operate a mobile phone while driving.

Some lorries have up to 24 forward gears and takes time and effort to drive. Many experianced London Bus Drivers in the past who have trained up to HGV driver take on average one to two weeks training most experiancing problems managing the complex gear system.

It is only a matter of time for the driver of such vehicle to state that he/she did not see the cyclist because they were looking at the gears. I have had drivers fail on manual gears selecting too low a gear at too high speed almost causing a bus load of passengers to run into the rear of bus as the lorry slows abruptly with no break lights. There is no longer the need to train on such vehicles to obtain this licence.

This new rule is a big step backwards in road safety and does not have the support of most Commercial Vehicle Driving Schools.


Do you have a link for this please?

Yes, if you could post a link to this new rule, we could follow it up. Thanks

  • By ger at 06:05pm 16 Apr 2014

Sorry for delay. See DVLA web and DVSA. Rules changed 10 April. 

  • By Dave H at 02:27pm 20 Apr 2014

Is this the EU solution to the fast approaching snow on the roof issue where a huge tranche of drivers will retire or be forced to stop driving.  The industry age profile is seriously skewed.

Even if that gets addressed it may then present a transch of less experienced and more 'volatile' young drivers replacing the old patient ones.

It would be intersting to see how any risk assessment was applied to this move.

When learning to drive I fluffed a gear change and looking down, nearly crashed the car, just the sort of detail that would have far more serious consequences in a large truck.


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