New layout on Parkway

Does anyone else cycle down Parkway? They have removed two car lanes and given them to pedestrains. Why didn't they leave a little room for cyclist to get into the cycle pit? It's a real opportunity wasted. They could have put a small cycle lane there for us :(



I cycle down parkway every day and am completely confused as to how the new arrangement is an improvement.  There was no need to widen it to that extent, it used to be 4 lanes now it is 2 and it is extrmely tight on space.  I hate having to miss the wing mirrors by inches to get past meanwhile there is a vast empty pavement along side.  There is even a bus stop in the middle of it all and the traffic backs all the way up Parkway which cannot be good for restaurants having a traffic jam outside.  

Its complete madness and doesnt seem to help anyone........i think they still can put in a cycle lane....... 

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