New London centric Audax rides from AC Hackney

For those not familiar with "Audax" these are long(ish) distance rides where you are given a routesheet to follow (of the simple "turn left", "straight on at crossroads" type) and usually also a gpx file for those who prefer to use technology. You can ride on your own or with a group and the challenge is to complete the course in a pre-defined time, but it's not a race, the limit is generous so there is time to enjoy some tea stops along the way. As you go you get your "brevet" card stamped at controls to prove that you have completed the distance. Any and all types of bike can be seen from folders to tandems, with a multitude of touring bikes, road bikes and hybrids in between and a few recumbents to add to the mix.

One problem for potential riders has been the relatively low number of audax rides which are easy to access from London by public transport. The good news is that there is now London based club AC Hackney which is organising some rides this year starting at convenient locations. The first event is the "Steam Ride" on March 9th starting at Ruislip Lido - more details here  or e-mail Even better news is that there is a choice of routes from 50km to 200km so this could be an ideal event for cyclists wanting a new challenge for 2014.

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