New toucan crossing at Wood Street construction starts Monday 18th March

The existing cycle crossing of the ring-road on Wood Street, (between the Bentall Centre and TGI Friday), has been closed for a week and a half now which has been frustrating as no civil engineering work has been going on. The traffic signals have been removed and replaced with temporary ones in preparation for construction of the new shared-use Toucan crossings. We have been told that work will start on Monday 18th March.

The new crossing point will be an improvement in that southbound cyclists will be able to clearly see on-coming traffic. Up until now you have had to rely on drivers obeying the signals, and not being amber-gamblers (!) because you can't see round the bend with the building in the way. The council are also extending the cycle path around the perimeter of the Bentalls taking cyclists on a segregated track to Dolphin Street, linking with the contra-flow cycle lane there. The scheme should be complete by early June 2013. As far as we know the track won't (yet) be continuing along Wood Street as far as Fife Road/ the railway station, though it seems that is an obvious extension for the future.


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