No access to massive new cycle lane

Has anyone else been shoved up against the wrong side of the curb of the new cycle lane on Goodman's Yard by Tower Bridge? It is ridiculous that there is a two way cycle lane that takes over half the road and yet there is no break in the curb to allow you to join it if you've just come off the bridge and are heading towards commmercial St. Instead you have to battle with the traffic in the remaining bit of road in the rush to beat the traffic lights. Who designed this? How can we get it changed?


Looks like a city of London road, you could contact city of london traffic management dept


Traffic Management
020 7332 1548
City of London
PO Box 270

  • By gegi at 5:51pm 9 October 2012

This may be a case of good intentions until somebopdy realised that a 100m track surrounded by a gyratory doesn't really help anyone if it's not connected. I can't see how it would integrate with the junctions either end without modifying these junctions completely.

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