No Idea "Adventure" Sunday 18th Sept 2011

Tomorrows ride will depart from Norman Park at 10.30am.

The theme of tomorrows ride is "Adventure" as it is being led by Stephen and Paula.

The ride will try and follow our usual Cycle for Life 30 format, however it could be more than 30 miles or less than 30 miles, it could be hilly or it could be flat thats all part of the adventure. As for speed we will aim for a nice leisurely pace, but going downhill could get a bit fast, for those that know Stephen and Paula this description will make total sense. All joking aside the ride will be suitable for all types of bikes, however those with road bikes can be assured that we will not be going down any bridle paths or off road trails.

The general plan is to head out towards London, possibly through Greenwich, we may decide to take the ferry at Woolwich, or we can head along the river path to Central London, there will be plenty of stops for tea and cake along the way - we plan to be quite flexible on the route and can be open to bribes along the way if anyone knows any good cake stops and is willing to buy the ride leaders a cake or a pint!!

We hope that you will join us on our adventure tomorrow, we aim to be back in the Bromley area around 4:30pm, however if you wish you can always bail along the way!

Ride Leaders tomorrow: Stephen and Paula (07850 261361)

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