Norbiton station secure cycle parking

The new secure cycle parking at Norbiton railway station was operational on time on Monday 12th March after a month of works costing around £20,000.

The swipe-card accessible compound has racks for 50 bikes and there are additional 5 racks outside the compound.

Unfortunately South West Trains failed to tell  commuters how to get access to the compound, so we'll have to do it!

  1. Photocopy 2 forms of identification, with at least one showing your home address and one with a photo. SWT are being vague about forms of ID, but for instance a utility bill with your name and address, driving licence (!) or bank statement (block out your account details if you like) should do.
  2. Go to the ticket office and ask for a swipe card form. Be prepared to be told that they have run out of forms - take a deep breath and keep calm. If you are given a form complete it (name, address, signature) and hand over your photocopies. It's probably sensible to take your original ID documents with you should there be any query about the copies.
  3. Pay a £25 deposit. (It's refundable when you return the swipe card.)
  4. Check that the card works in the swipe reader and then you're ready.

Kingston Cylists are in contact with SWT about improving their communication and will make copies of the necessary forms to distribute to commuters.

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Excellent - looks like a similar system to the secure bike parking at Surbiton station, which used to be a real theft hotspot until swipe cards protected the hundreds of bikes that people regularly leave there... 

Thanks for posting the details

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