#Space4Cycling - update from Tooting

Hi folks,

I've been going ultra local with some #Space4Cycling petitions in and around Tooting in Wandsworth. Thought I'd share how it's been going as I wasn't able to make the AGM and really think that this sort of approach can easily be replicated.


1. If you can, find out the level of support needed by the council for 'reasonable' changes to street design. In the case of Wandsworth, it is around 25% of households, or 10% of households if all 3 local councillors are also supportive. 


2. Define the ultra local area in question which you would like to see changes on. Doing this allows either you to estimate how many households are within the affected area, or see if your local councillor can help, or perhaps a sympathetic council officer. This means that you have a clear target, and benchmark to hold the council to account against. 


3. Check with your local group, or get in touch with HQ to help proof-read or give some advice as to the wording of the petition.


4. Put it online, there are a range of different petition sites which you can use. I've been using the 38 degrees one, it's really simple to set a petition up via their system.


5. Collect paper signatures too. In the past month the petition for Mitcham Lane has grown by around 200 people, principally by me standing at the beginning/end of the school day next to local primary schools and asking parents to sign. You can get a lot of support in this way. If you get their email addresses too, then you can add them to the online petition, and it's easier for them to spread the word to other friends / neighbours too. 

Here are a couple of examples I've got currently live:



Hopefully at the next month's committee meeting, a petition I ran in April-May 2012 may go back to committee and get the go-ahead for work to commence. That one is asking the council to do a trial using very similar wording to the petition in the 2nd link above. The difference is that the one that should go through doesn't have any bus routes, so slightly easier ask.

I'll let you know how I get on.



PS - I'd like to get the Mitcham Lane petition up to 1000 supporters by the end of November. If you live local, or know people who do, please sign the petition or spread the word. 

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