O2 to Excel Cable Car

First day of the heralded, "cycle friendly" cable car crossing. Has anyone barged Boris out of the way today and tried to get a bike across? I hope to do so next week but wondered if anyone had any initial impressions. I understand the pedestrian fare and use of oyster cards, but do cycles go free on the cars as with the tube?

This could be an answer for many folk having problems with the Victorian foot tunnel and lack of lifts. Can any of the Greenwich posse comment please?

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Kevin Whyberd
Hi, I took my bike onto the new London cable car today,its really simple to use if like me you have an Oyster card.As soon as you enter via the ticket gates,you can take your bike into the lift and up onto the Cablecar platform,a member of staff comes along and informs you that they will prepare the cabin for your bike,they then enter the cabin,retract one of the seats,invite you to enter with your bike and you then secure it using two seat-belt style straps.The cabins accomodate max of two bikes.


Thanks Kevin really helpful. I was going to go this week but I have been waiting for a sunny day so I can take some photo's. Could be waiting a long time! 

Myself and 3 friends (all with bikes) traveled by the cable car yesterday. The service was excellent. 

The normal rules are a max of 2 bikes per car with riders. As there was 3 of us, the staff loaded the 3 bikes into one car and the 3 of us then travelled in the following car.

Even better, the staff at the other end had unloaded our bikes before our car got there.

Excellent service.

2 of us used oyster cards and got the oyster discount, our 3rd member had a freedom card and got the same discount but had to buy a ticket.

Another tip is that there are tickets machines. We found people were standing in the queue not realising this. The other advantage of using an oyster card is you don't have to queue for a ticket.

Thanks for all the replies to my original question. I have now experienced the cable car and like others was delighted with the ease of us, helpfulness of staff and cheapness of fare. Loved the experience. As an aside I also returned to the Greenwich foot tunnel which I haven't used for some months. Excellent new lifts that work. Wow, two great ways to cross the Thames in East London on a bike!!

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