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What is the law and what is the stance of LCC?


I received an email from the TFL recently which stated that

Some lanes on ORN roads will be reserved as Games Lanes and are for use by athletes, officials and the world’s media. The vast majority of Games Lanes are in outside lanes. In these cases, normal traffic can use the adjacent lane(s). Driving in a Games Lane will result in a £130 penalty charge.

No mention of VIPS, coprorate bosses nor ministers.... but they are allowed.

What is the offence?

From http://yacf.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=61229.15

An FPN (Fixed Penalty Notice) allows the police to dispose of a criminal matter without the bother of cautions, charges, all that guff.  You get your penalty notice, pay it, and you should hear no more - meaning you don't get a criminal record.  You have the right to have your case heard at the Magistrates Court if you really want and the Magna Carter NuttersTM generally do.

A PCN (Penalty Charge Notice) allows the local authority to dispose of a civil matter in a similar manner.  

If you are being given an FPN by the police, failure to pay it will see you hauled up in front of the magistrates court, fined, and landed with a disclosable criminal record.  Failure to give correct details may be a separate offence.  They may ask for your details if they suspect a crime has been committed.  Declaring yourself to be Mickey Mouse resident at Buckingham Palace is not likely to end well.  Be co-operative and pay up.

If you are being given a PCN by a random civil officer, failure to pay it will see you going through a torturously long procedure involving appeals to an Independent* Adjudicator, who will usually uphold the penalty, and after that you can be taken to the County Court where eventually you may face a CCJ, which will affect your credit rating.  However, random civil officers have no power to detain and no power to demand to see ID.  Riding away from them is an appropriate course of action although it will piss them off enormously.  If they try to detain you physically you can sue them.  But it's easier to ride away if you can.



"random civil officer" Does this apply to PCSO's?


You can find info here http://lcc.org.uk/articles/getting-around-london-during-the-olympics

Games lanes rules apply to all vehicles including cycles. Cycles and buses can alsways use nearside games lanes.

The bigger problem seems to be real blockages such as The Mall where the alternatives for cyclists are very poor indeed.

so the official LCC line is telling us to mingle with all the rest of the traffic in what once were bus and cycle lanes, not be able to use many separate cycle lanes and not turn (right) where we used to....not overtake on the right....

The above link does not help cyclists at all.. just tells us what we can't do... might as well leave the bike at home and take a few cd's with me in the car!

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