Open season on cyclists

He Killed someone how is this not dangerous???

"A motorist who knocked down and killed a cyclist while he was eating at the wheel has been cleared of causing death by dangerous driving."

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Predictably the driver has now been given just a one year driving ban despite having deprived two children aged 2 and 5 of their father, and their mother of her partner. Unfortunately the decision was made by a jury who will almost certainly all have been drivers. The judge will not have had much leeway in his sentencing as a result.

Clearly the law needs to be changed. Careless driving should be abolished - if you are driving one ton of metal carelessly then, by definition, it must be dangerous. Any incident where the driver is eating, drinking or on the phone should automatically qualify as dangerous and the driving ban should be extremely lengthy and exemplary. Unfortunately fines and even community srvice have little deterrent effect - the only effective detrrent is depriving motorists of the one thing they love more than anything else - their cars. Every day I see drivers drinking hot drinks and eating breakfast on their to work, very often lorry drivers travelling at speed in close traffic.

LCC or one of the other cyclng organisations needs to campaign vociferously on this issue, if necessary setting up a fighting fund to take drivers (and their employers if they are driving commercial vehicles) through the civil courts in order to obtain exemplary damages. 240 hours of commnity service and a one year driving ban does not equate to a father and husband. 

Quite agree - he should have had the maximum sentence possible for the worst offence.

This is what LCC should be paying most attention to, rather than all the effort they seem to be putting into "safer lorries" - when the answer to that is so often "look after yourself and don't go up on the inside".

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I have no comment on this particular case because I don't really know all the details.

However, why is death by dangerous driving a separate (and lesser) offence to manslaughter?

According to Wikipedia (not checked elsewhere yet) "Death by dangerous driving" was introduced because of a reluctance of courts to convict for Manslaughter

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Helen2000, I fully agree with your comment. It is probably one of the most sensible things I have read on this sight, certainly beats some of the numpties who justify and advocate cycling through red lights!

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