Operation Safeway nets 13,800 drivers and cyclists


4,085 given to cyclists, the rest to drivers. However, from the sound of it the majority of these were not for dangerous driving practises.

Police said cyclists were fined for jumping red lights, cycling on footpaths and having incorrect lights.

Motorists were given fines for offences including driving without insurance and driving without wearing a seatbelt. 

Considering I see daily instances of dangerous and aggressive driving I would conclude that this operation has been something a failure (although I'm sure it will be spun as a success by the met).


Hmmmm! So less than 30% of tickets were issued to cyclists. How many of those were for technical offences? Should the emphasis have been on all road-users right from the start and not billed as a safety response to cyclist deaths. Timing may have been unfortunate and lazy journalism didn't help matters.

Untill we see a proper breakdown of these "offences" these figures are meaningless.

Tickets issued does not equal offences committed. That is why we have Courts of Law. Fines are usualy leveed at such a level as to be more expensive to fight than to pay up. [How much is a days wages?]

As the Duke of Wellington said "Lies, damn lies and statistics!"

Not sure the exercise has been complete failure though: After most people had got off their high-horses and started to enter into dialogue it was fun to exchange banter with the officers.

It's good to talk.

Also not all offences are equal. However you want to dress it up it is always more dangerous (i.e. more likely to cause harm) to jump a red light in a large vehicle than it is on a bike.

I think the problem is that apart from cyclists, no other road users even perceive there's a problem beyond the usual ones, ie driving without insurance, talking on phones, etc.

There is no common perception out there at all that aggreasive and inconsiderate driving represents a serious problem to cyclists and pedestrians. 

It is exactly this point which needs to be the sole focus of groups like LCC; rather than wating their time campaigning for safer HGVs we should be campaigning for retrospective analysis of CCTV to prosecute aggressive and dangerous driving, even when not leading to an actual "incident".

The unfortunate truth is that stick 50 normal people behind the wheel of a vehicle and a handful of them will turn into sociapaths. This is the problem driving which needs to be targetted.

Saw a story on Road.cc about the new law bill that proposes allowing special constables the power to fine cyclists for not having _pedal reflectors_! Is it true they still won't be able to fine drivers for _parking_ in the cycle lane? The mere fact that someone chose such a nitpicking detail to include in a serious piece of legislation, speaks volumes about their attitude, i.e. malicious. Is there a campaign about this biased enforcement?

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