Ossulton Street / Euston Road intersection

The Ossulton Street / Euston Road intersection in NW1 sees a lot of traffic from cyclists commuting from north to central London. It's left-turn only for vehicle traffic, while a marked lane and a gap in the central island of Euston Road allow cyclists to cross the flow of traffic and turn right into Euston Road. The traffic lights ensure that traffic on Euston Road is stationary when the lights are green for cyclists coming from Ossulton Street. However, this often means that when the traffic is backed up on the eastbound lane of Euston Road, vehicles stop right in the path of cyclists trying to cross this lane in order to turn right.

Surely one solution would be to mark out the cycle lane here as a box junction, and make it an offence for cars to block it.


There used to be a similar arrangement crossing Bayswayter road from Hyde Park, cars still parked across the box junction but I think it did help and gave me an oportunity to scold the offending drivers.

Unfortunately the box junction has been removed, and now more cars sit across the cycle access.

I also think that ASL's should also have the status of box junctions, then there would be no discussion of "did the car enter on amber..."

  • By Sabine at 7:14pm 16 September 2012

It would help to cross Euston Road during peak times, definitely. A car usually blocks the gap between the islands so cyclists have to get off their bicycle inmidst traffic.

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