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In December we posted an article giving details of Westminster City Council's proposed Central London Grid. This matters to anyone who cycles in Westminster, and we posted an invitation to our meeting on Monday 06 January 2014 where we discussed London Cycling Campaign's response to the proposed alignment of the routes.

In my opinion, our comments are more insightful and stronger as a result of the discussions we have at our group's meetings. We had a good turnout, and had also received written comments from LCC Trustee Rachel Aldred.

Colin has collated and typed up our comments here. He needs to submit them to Westminster City Council by Monday 20 February 2014. If you have anything to add to the comments, please reply to this message as soon as possible and we will try to take your points on board.

Kind regards,

Dominic Fee

Secretary, Westminster Cycling Campaign

The local group of the London Cycling Campaign


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