Outer Circle: Motor Traffic Nearly Halved

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The temporary closure of Macclesfield Bridge has caused a dramatic drop in motor traffic around the Outer Circle of Regent's Park.

As the chart shows, the number of motor vehicles in the morning peak has nearly halved. The number of bikes has remained constant, but now nearly equals the number of motor vehicles. The counts were conducted near the London Business School, towards the south-west corner of the park. The fall-off was most noticeable among southbound vehicles leaving the park at Clarence Gate. This suggests that a large number of those that usually enter the park at Macclesfield Bridge and then turn right leave it again at the second gate.

Bar Chart

The current situation is a foretaste of what could be achieved by a more systematic restriction of traffic around the Outer Circle. The Royal Parks have been discussing with the Crown Estate Paving Commission how traffic could be managed in the future and have also met the leaders and cabinet members of Camden and Westminster councils. Transport for London are said to be looking more holisticly at Regent's Park, no doubt with particular interest in the cycle superhighway that will run around the west side of the Outer Circle.

Macclesfield Bridge
Cyclists are still able to get past the works to enter the park at Macclesfield Bridge.

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Yes !!!

IT's brilliant. Of course, it's a bit dubious to see compare July and October months as July is much more quieter. But it's a fact that there's virtually NO car left on the outer circle west side at 7:30am.

This shows that the outer circle is used as a alternative to A41 from Swis cottage.

I so wish this bridge could become permanently closed to motor vehicle...


  • By Barney at 9:06pm 12 September 2014

To clarify for people who don't know where Macclesfield Bridge is, like me five minutes ago, it's on Avenue Road, connecting to the North West part of Outer Circle.

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