Hi - can anybody tell me whether I may legally park or leave a bicycle, trike or quad on yellow lines (in or outside of London). Is a bicycle a "mechanically propelled vehicle" - could a quad bike get a PCN or even get clamped? Thanks for any info.


Try not to annoy people.

A cycle is not mechanically propelled unless it has a motor/engine. You can't legally be ticketed, but you can annoy a whole bunch of people which would be bad. I'm pretty sure that it could be removed if it's causing an obstruction though.

Remember that on-street parking (legal or otherwise) forces cyclists into the centre of the lane which may make them feel more at risk.

  • By stewpot at 11:30am 15 May 2014

as there is no number plate they cannot issue a ticket

Can you be ticketed for just stopping on a red route?

It can be confiscated for obstruction, and its a lot easier to tow away a trike.

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