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There is currently a petition on Westminster's web site for a 20mph limit on Elgin Avenue.

Elgin Avenue
Elgin Avenue: would you fancy cycling along this road with vehicles travelling at 30mph?

As the photo shows, parked vehicles along the side and middle of the road leave little space for vehicles to overtake cyclists - without forcing them into the 'dooring zone'.

Reducing motor traffic speeds is proven to prevent death and serious injuries to cyclists and pedestrians alike, especially children, with little impact on most journey times.

According to Cllr Paul Dimoldenberg, who started the petition, 'Residents say that this road is becoming more dangerous as drivers speed up and down to the detriment of pedestrians and cyclists.'

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A borough-wide 20mph zone would get more support. From that picture my favoured action would be to remove the central parking completely, move the side parking toward the centre of the road and install high-quality segregated cycleways adjecent to the pavement.

i cycle in the centre of the lane here, because there isn't room for a bike, a passing car, and an open car door. you get a lot of hassle from drivers for doing this, though. perhaps one in five times i use this road i have to tell someone off for behaving aggressively. 20mph would help..

But would making it 20mph make it safe for all cyclists? Would you let your kids or parents ride there unaccompanied? Or would a 20mph limit allow the council to say "well, we've made it safe, we've done all we need to"?

Great idea. Well done for flagging this up. I am going to sign it immediately. Elgin Avenue forms part of my London Prison ride, so making this stretch of the route safer is great news!

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