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There is currently a petition on Westminster's web site to convert the pedestrian crossing of Marylebone Road at the junction with Harley Street to allow use by pedestrians and cyclists.

Pedestrian crossing of Marylebone Road
‘Sheep pens’ on the crossing of Marylebone Road

The crossing is part of a potential cycle route between Regent's Park and the West End along Harley Street. (See map.) This is part of an alternative Quietway included in the Mayor of London's Central London Cycling Grid.

Mary Hellett, who started the petition, says: ‘I cycle to work in Westminster and use this crossing every day to avoid cycling on Euston road itself. The crossing is always very busy at peak times with both pedestrians and cyclists trying to squeeze through the barriers, the green light does not stay green long enough for everyone to make it across both sections in one go, so I petition either to give everyone more time to cross or create a dual crossing lane to separate pedestrians from bicycles.’

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In my home borough of City of Westminster, we need a wider audience of cyclists to get involved, beyond just the borough's relatively low number of residents.

This proposed crossing from Regent's Park across Marylebone Road into Harley Street will be a great benefit to cyclists from many boroughs. We need more great facilities like this, and fewer cyclists obliged to use Marylebone Road because they're perhaps unfamiliar with the area and can't see a way around it.

If you work or study in City of Westminster, you are entitled to sign the petition. Please back this proposal by doing so.


a great idea - but shouldn't this be a matter for tfl, not westminster?

> shouldn't this be a matter for tfl, not westminster?

Yes - it's TfL's road. So I would expect Westminster to pass the results of the petition to TfL.  The instigator of the petition also got the name of the road wrong, but it's still worth supporting!


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