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Do any of you use the Petty France conta-flow cycle lane? At the best of times this contra-flow lane was dangerous; being on the wrong side of the road peds are always stepping into the lane without looking and traffic coming out of the barracks is not inclined in notice cyclists coming the wrong way. Works at the entrance to the lane at the east (Palmer St) end now make access to the cycle lane difficult. It is necessary first to enter the road aganst the flow of one way traffic. The west (Buckingham Gatr) end is a nightmare with building works on the south side requiring oncoming traffic to enter the conta-flow cycle lane, crossing a solid white line. I have written to Westminster about the dangers but to no effect. Has anyone else made representations? Kevin C


  • By gegi at 11:26am 21 November 2011

This seems a bizarrely over engineered solution for such a small street. Have you tried contacting Westmisnter council. Our local group might know more detail



I live in the City of Westminster, near to Petty France I am surprise by Kevin C statements.


If you travel westward, and wish to turn right from Petty France into Buckingham Gate, and then left into Castle Lane the counter flow, cycle lane is on the most useful side of the road.


Admittedly, the position of the BT telephone is not helpful.  The deflection of cycle lane encourages the cyclist to slow down and look for priority traffic on the main road. If you wish to turn left, you would have turn earlier into Palmer Street.


If you are turning left into Petty France from Buckingham Gate again the deflection of the cycle lane, encourage cyclist to slow down.  In terms of pedestrian traffic, they walk off the pavement all over London this is no different, the cyclist should keep a lookout and cover their brakes  I did not notice any great problem due to building work, well is this a temporary problem, I have had a look on 1 December 2011 at aprrox 1700 in the rain.

I did not see any traffice entrying the cycle lane with a solid white line. There used to be a kerb, this was removed I asume to permit building work on the other side of the road.

Will the kerb be put back when the building work is finished, but do we want, with the building work finish there will not be a need.

Again all cyclists must look, look and look again before preceding, in the order of thing these problem are small compare other locations in both London and Westminster.

Now at the junction with Palmer Street, I do see what you mean, there a reduction of road space and lack of a cycle space for the cyclist wait before entreing Petty France.  But what could be done, the road works on the right are blocking the cycle lance , do we want the cycle closed during the building work, we could ask for traffic lights , but I can not see that being granted and would your fellow cyclist respond?


In conclusion I can not see what could be , you will just have to slow down look , look and look again and look forward for the road works and building work to be compleated.  

Please contact me directly if you wish to discuss this matter further.


Philip Benstead

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Email: CTC London Secretary

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City of Westminster,

LCC Westminster Cyclist member


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