Peugeot Tour 5 for sale, £200

I bought this on Gumtree a few weeks ago from a legitimate buyer, but realised fairly quickly that it wasn't right for me (I've since bought a second-hand hybrid, which suits me much better) and for that reason - and that reason alone - I am looking to dispose of this bike. It's a grand machine and runs very smoothly. It's probably 1980s vintage, has been looked after well and is in very good nick. It had been fully serviced by the seller, who works for Squeaky Chains and who threw in a free service with the sale. I assume it was built as a racer, but at some point it's been converted to a tourer by replacing the drop handlebars with straight ones and swapping the frame for a thumb gearshift. The saddle has also been replaced fairly recently. It has five gears and its own pump (missing on the photo as I'd taken it off). Am based in Richmond, buyer collects, call 07867 984 669 if interested.

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what size is it?

Hello, this post is quite old is the bike still available? Also would be keen to know the size.

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