Plough DIY on Lordship Lane - big thanks

I had a puncture at 8.15am in Dulwich on my way to work this morning and found myself miles away from any bike shop that would be open at that time.  I don't carry a bike pump with me and anyway, my hands aren't strong enough to get the tyre off my bike.  I was passing Plough DIY on Lordship Lane opposite Dulwich Library and popped in to ask if they knew whether there was a bike shop nearby. Spencer, the man working there told me to bring my bike in and then fixed it as a favour!  It turns out that he is the Bromley LCC co-ordinator.  BIG thanks to Spencer, his kindness turned around my Monday morning from potential disaster, to a small delay and feeling very happy that a stranger helped me out.



Thank you for taking the time to thank Spencer - we agree, he is a lovely chap! We'll pass on your thanks to him. 

  • By Beanpie at 7:20pm 27 January 2014

Nice work, Spencer.

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