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On the subject of bike theft, I had my brand new mountain bike stolen from outside a shop in Hackney one night. A bloke who was part of a group jumped on it and rode off. I ran out into the street to see the rest of the group driving off in a mini-cab and jeering at me! I went back into the shop and asked about their CCTV which was pretty comprehensive. Then I waited at the mini-cab office for the return of the driver who was soon back and asked him for the details of the address where he had taken this group too, which turned out to be residential not far away. I then traipsed along to the police station with all this information and expected some kind of promt action. I mentioned that the group involved might have been travellers and was then questioned about my attitudes to travellers!! Anyway the police did absolutely nothing and gave me a crime number for insurance purposes, that is all they are most of the time a crime recording organisation and nothing more.


  • By Karl at 8:33pm 7 March 2013

Rode yesterday mornign from S E london to Dalston, morning and witnessed at 3or4 major junctions, there were 8-10 community wardens/officers stopping cyclist who jumped red lights.    Through talking to a colleague whose partner had been stopped I understand that they were issueing £30 on the spot fines. 

I have cycled in the capitol for 10 years nearly, this is the first time that I have witnessed, action of this kind by police towards cyclist.  At times I have done red/amber lights, although more recently I curbed this behaviour. 


In my memory I have  not seen any action towards people riding on the pavement, people using head phones whilst cycling, or car that are excessivly emitting exhaust forms.  Altohugh come to think of it I recall groups of police, offering to mark bike at new cross  station, and the railway crossing in Brockley.

My point is that cycling like all behaviour modification needs a consistent approach, due to Police in action crossing red traffic lights has been normalized. 

Yesterdays intervention is interesting in the light that the majors office, will be funding a super highway from west to east.  Although this is welcome, the funding seems flaky, particular in todays political climate.  

I was not fined yesterday, although I fealt empathy towards the cyclist who were fined.  Particulary as the fines come at time at the end of the finianciial year when people have to settle bills. Going further I would like to see those people who were stopped represented by the LCC, and wider call for a consistant approach to cycling.





Get your bike security marked. Police do it for free, contact your local safer Transport team. It doesn't stop the bike being nicked, a couple of good locks is best for that. It may deter a theif picking your bike if the one next to it isn't marked (and they're the same spec) But if they do get it back they'll be able to return it.

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