Police tell hit and run driver he's a naughty boy

The recent court cases reminded me of an accident I had earlier in the year. 

Riding home from a group ride along London Road towards Romford I was riding along the marked cycle lane overtaking a stopped line of traffic at a set of lights. 

This may be seen by some as bad practice but the cycle lane was full width and there was at least a foot of space between the cycle lane and the traffic, and the traffic was stationary with no HGVs.

As I was riding alongside a car the driver suddenly accelerted and swerved into the bike lane knocking me and my bike onto the pavement, Luckily I only had a slight injury and my bike was fine. The driver stopped and as soon as he saw he'd knocked a cyclist off he put his foot down and roared off round the first corner.

Although I had a lot of witnesses I eventually recieved a letter from the police saying they had decided not to prosecute for driving without due care and attention and had written to the driver to remind him of how to drive safely. No mention of being a hit and run.

I would like to thank the witnesses and the passers-by for their support if they happen to read this.But the police's attitude did make me feel like a second class citizen. 

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did they give an explanation? I'm really interested about how violations like that are treated by the police.

No explanation, just said they had decided not to proceed. Somewhat disappointing really. I think if the guy had stopped, helped me and apologised then it would have closed there. The fact he sped off is what really annoyed me at the time and then the police not doing anything just added salt to the wounds.

I would write to your MP for Romford complaining about the police behaviour and copy to the Secretary of State for Transport, Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, and to the local Chief Constable. An interesting new option would also be to copy to your new Police Commissioner for Essex, Nick Alston.There will hopefully be some reaction. Until the police start to take these matters seriously cyclists will continue to be vulnerable, especially since all the evidence suggests that someone who is guilty of one motoring offence is often also committing other offences such as driving without insurance, with a faulty vehicle or is already banned, etc.

I had the same scenario last year, was knocked clean off my bike by a motorist doing a u-turn in the road, while I was on the floor he drove off and parked up in a road away from the accident.  He eventually came over to me only tom blame me for the accident.  I found his vehicle and took photos of it and the damage then went to the nearest police station and filled out a report.  After a year, this is the response I got. 


"after careful consideration of all the available evidence , it has been decided that no further action will be taken by police .This decesion was made as the only witnesses form received back stated 50/50 blame. Therefore the only option was to exchange details."

The other witness was a passenger in the same car !  Completely lost what little faith I had in the police to take cyclists seriously.

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A friend of mine was hit by a drunk rider on a Boris-Bike who passed a red light, causing serious damage to his car.  He was arrested, as he refused to give his name and address, but was later released.  The hundreds of pounds to repair his car had to be borne by his insurance.  Of course he lost his NCB and had to pay more insurance.

I have heard of dozens of such cases, so how dare you people speak on this forum as if YOU are victims?!  95% of the cyclists on the road do not meet the Highway Code regulations (see here: https://www.gov.uk/rules-for-cyclists-59-to-82), so don't dare whine and complain when one of you idiots gets into trouble. 


I believe I was a victim and have a valid right to express my concerns. One of our ambitions is to get the police to follow through on accidents no matter who they are caused by.

I do agree with you that everyone, cyclists and drviers should follow the highway code. 

There are plenty of rules of the road that only apply to certain vehicles anyway, so "following the rules of the road that every other road user must obey" doesn't make sense.

Motor vehicles are not allowed to use ASLs, for instance. Cars are not allowed in bus lanes most of the time. Low-powered mopeds aren't allowed on certain roads. Heavy vehicles aren't allowed on some bridges.

However, all road users are entitled to complain when the police take no action when accidents/injuries are caused through no fault of our own. Otherwise, by your logic your 'friend' shouldn't complain either.

Have just seen the post by HSIII. Do you really equate a car being hit by a Boris Bike with a cyclist knocked off by a hit and run driver? If so, then the chances are that you are a danger on the roads yourself.

I commented earlier with potential actions. Not sure if these were followed up. All the anecdotal evidence is that to get the police to take action takes an extraordinary amount of persistence and determination but can pay off in the long term. Perhaps LCC could help here?

Just to reiterate. You have no evidence that 95% of cyclists fail to meet the Highway Code (whatever that means) and, if they do, then it is absolutely certain that 95-100% of drivers also fail to meet the Highway Code and do so in a much more dangerous way. Amost 2,000 fatalities a year confirms this. 

At least Marc Panettone gives his real name which you are not prepared to do. 

  • By AForrest at 9:25pm 19 September 2013

It seems it's not just cases with cyclists, or the Met, failing to prosecute dangerous drivers.   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-24156689

The police should start to take dangerous and illegal driving more seriously.

Well said jon bromwich.

For every person killed by a bicycle in the UK, over 1,000 are killed by vehicles (averaging out as a 28:1 ratio considering cars outnumber bicycles).

According to the RoSPA, of those cyclist killed or seriously injured when a vehicle is involved, over 80% are proven to be the fault of the driver (meaning the cyclist was properly visible and wasn't breaking any rules). Also, according to the police, in almost every case the drivers claim they couldn't see the cyclist.

When you stop and think about it, this proves people like @HSIII only notice cyclists when they want to.

  • By SimonS at 11:02am 24 September 2013
I'd suggest reporting this case to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. At the very least, it will force the Met to review its handling of such cases. Sorry to hear of your collision that was clearly not your fault. The simple fact that the driver did not stop to exchange details and did not report the collision as required by law makes the 'who was to blame' question irrelevant. He broke the law and should be punished for it. PS will a mod do something about the shouty loon troll HSIII?!

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