Pollution - another London hazard record


Those low cab psv's can lay you low, even if they don't hit you!


two years ago putney high st set a record for it's pollution by the end of feb, very few taxi's but a lot of busses. Barcelona has now Nissan electric taxi's because the city put in hundreds of fast charge points which take only 45 minutes to fully charge,Boris couldn't be bothered.They could of been here.On a lighter note when the famous Sahara sand caused so much trouble and cars were blamed for early deaths it turned out that East Anglia was the worst polluted area , not many cars there ,40% of Londons pollution comes from Europe.tfl's own figures.

The Nissan NV London taxi should be here soon. Article says "A zero emission electric version is due to be launched in 2015."  Yes, if electric taxis are to be used there needs to be a network of fast-chargers - hundreds more than there are at the moment.



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