Postal Deliveries Go Dutch

Postal company TNT is now using bicycles to deliver mail in Westminster.  Although founded in Australia, the company has been Dutch since 1994.

TNT's introduction of bicycles comes just as its competitor, Royal Mail, is phasing them out. The state-owned organization decided in 2009 to phase out nearly all of the 25,000 British-made bikes used by postmen and women across the country, because they can’t carry enough mail or travel far enough. Only 500 will survive.

Ironically, TNT is introducing the very same bike that Royal Mail is phasing out.  The Pashley Mailstar can carry up to 48kg in panniers and a front rack. With a three-speed hub, chainguard and hub brakes, the bikes are sturdily built for low maintenance requirements and heavy use. 


Fantastic news... and surely done for economic reasons, rather than altruism

Maybe they're buying them second hand off Royal Mail.

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