Potholes and unstable road surfaces

Is there any thread on this forum where, everyone can list the roads and areas to watch out for when cycling down these dangerous unstable roads?

I am a new bike ridder, ever and i had noticed that while on my way to work, the route i took was absolutely scary for me as i felt on numerous ocassions i was going to fall over because of unstable surfaces on the road. Route was, along southgate rd, across balls pond rd, onto newington green, onto the road that the bus 476 and 73 towards albion rd. HATED IT!


I'm not sure how useful a list would be. It would take forever to create and longer still to keep updated. I recommend that you report any surface faults to the appropriate Highway Authority - the local council (Hackney? Islington? via their phone number or website) or TfL (for roads with red lines) to get them fixed.  That way the roads are made safer and we won't have to plan our lives around avoiding them. You can use www.fixmystreet.com to report faults or www.fillthathole.org.uk   I'm not sure what you mean by "unstable roads".  Do you mean they are subsiding??!!  Have you tried looking for alternative routes to take you where you want to go?  www.cyclestreets.net may help you with alternative suggestions.   Good luck!

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