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Crossrail has applied for planning permission for a new office development on the ‘triangle site’ that lies between Bishop’s Bridge, the canal towpath and Paddington Hammersmith & City Line Station.

The proposed development includes stairs and a lift linking the south side of Bishop’s Bridge down to the canal basin towpath, where there is an entrance to Paddington Station. Currently only taxis can access the station directly from the south side of Bishop’s Bridge. Currently pedestrians and cyclists must cross to the north side of the road and head away from the station, down the ramp into the Paddington Central development, then go between the buildings to access the canal towpath, and go underneath Bishop’s Bridge.

I live north of Paddington and I find the current indirect route from Bishop’s Bridge to the station a pain, so in my opinion the proposed stairs and lift are important. Do other people agree with this, or have other comments about the proposed development?

Westminster City Council’s planning case officer told me that the application 12/07668/FULL (link) will remain open for comments until it is considered by the planning committee, which she hopes will be in January 2013. She suggested that I email her directly with any comments from the LCC Westminster group. If you have any comments that you want me to include, please post them below.

I attach two relevant drawings from the planning application (see top of page), because it isn't possible to link directly to individual drawings from the planning application. The image above is from the planning application.

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