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I'd like some advice please.  I live outside London and I'm doing the ride london. I'm parking my car at The Lea Valley Ice Centre. At the finish I intended to ride from the Mall back to my car.  I looked on the tfl site which picked a route through Piccadilly Shaftsbury Ave which seems a bit busy for someone who hasn't ridden in the middle of London before.  I've been sent some maps to follow on less busy roads but i'd like opinions from people who know about riding in London. I could send the bike back by TNT for £60 which seems expensive for a 8 mile ride.


Try cycle streets for a choice of routes. If this is the Prudential event then a large part of central London will have bike only routes. You could easily get to Aldgate using these, then along the CS3 to Limehouse Basin, up Limehouse Cut to 3 Mills then up the Lee to the Ice Centre (or up Regents Canal and along Hertford Union and then the Lee). 

Thanks Paul.  Yes it's the Prudential I'm doing I'll have a look at the maps to see if I can pick out your route.

The prudential ride turns round at Tower Hill which is about 100m from the start of CS3 at Royal Mint street. Use CS3 to get to the canal and then up the lea valley.

At limehouse basin you can take the limehouse cut upto the lea navigation. Or take the Regents canal and then turn right at the Hertfort Union Canal to get to the Lea, this is slightly shorter.

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