Public Bike pump opposite Wimbledon station

Have  you had any feedback about the public bike pump that's located opposite Wimbledon railway station? Have you used it? Have people said they've found it useful?


Keeping your tyres well pumped is a great way to reduce the number of punctures you get. We haven't tried out this pump, but they're a great idea...

I see there's a new one on Cornwall Road underneath Waterloo East railway station too, on LCN route 3.


I haven't successfully pumped anything at Wimbledon; I did report to Merton that the guage was full of condensation, and there is now no guage.

I have asked others to try to pump a tyre, but no response.

I heard there is a similar pump in Kingston, too. Bizarrely, not a Borough responsibility, allegedly.

There isn't one in Kingston yet Charles, but we hope to get one installed in the coming months. Not bizarre: it will be the local LCC group's responsibility to maintain. I think we'd be in the best place to maintain and promote it.

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