Putney Bridge closure

Wandsworth Council have closed Putney Bridge to cyclists for repairs from mid June to October. Well, they say that it is open as long as cyclists dismount and walk! Isn't this just the typical knee jerk reaction we see from planners, developers and construction companies all round London day in day out. It is always easier to instruct cyclists to dismount than even employ the least modicum of intelligence so they are not required to do so.

The sidewalks of Putney Bridge will be open and are exceptionally wide. Surely, it cannot be beyond the imagination of our planners to arrange shared useage. This is quite a common solutions elsewhere, so why not on Putney Bridge. Of course all the Council offer is police action. (Not that they ever enforce the advanced cycle stops on Putney Bridge.) Perhaps the Council can give us a reason why shared useage will not work.


  • By pfsc at 8:06pm 14 August 2014

It is amazing the number of people I have seen trying to cycle along the narrow path despite all the polite signs asking you to dismount. 

If this is you, please get off, be polite, don't give cyclists a bad name and re-join the human race walking over the bridge.

  • By kangudon at 10:38am 5 September 2016

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