Queen Elizabeth Olympic park

Any suggestions on how to get there ( safely) from islington and where the best place to lock my bike near to Westfield is?

The TFL cycle route finder takes you staright across the park which is closed to all traffic and is a building site!



If you're planning to go after the 28th of July when the park is partially open, you could pick up the Regent's Canal behind Angel and take the towpath all the way to Victoria Park. You could then cycle through both parts of the the park to the footbridge that leads to Hackney Wick and then cycle the deserted streets to White Post Lane, which should be open, or stay on the towpath til you pass Viccy park, then turn left down the link canal which takes you to the Lea Navigation. This actually joins the Lea at White Post Lane. 

sorry I just realised you actaully wanted to go to Westfield! so then instead of going into the park at white post lane (if it's open ou might be able to cycle across the park) you could take the Lea Navigation to the greenway which joins the main road into stratford. You can cycle down the wide pavement there until you get to the left hand turn to Westfield. then either take the incompetetant cycle lanes to westfield and hunt fruitlessly for a cycle park, or continue to Stratford station when there are loads of cycle racks and a footbridge to Westfield.

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