Railing removals around Kings Cross

Either Camden Council or Transport for London are removing a lot of the railings around Kings Cross - along with bikes (including mine) locked to them - I am looking into how to get my bike back and wondered if anyone has more information about this? There were no notices about the removal of the railings and my bike had been there from Saturday.


Hmm, that must be frustrating

We know the ghost bike for Min Joo Lee has been recently moved due to works in the area, however we don't know who did it.

Our best suggestion is to contact the Police Cycle Task Force via cycletaskforce@met.police.uk

There's a phone number on this notice that was posted by railings to be removed last year; it may still work:


tfl railing removal contact info

Hope you get your bike back.

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FYI, it was tfl, not camden, that removed the king's cross railings last month - there were notices on at least some of the railngs, but I don't recall seeing them on all the railings.

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