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Fancy white race bike, £8,000

Black tights, £80

.....that show of your curves nicely (extra credit)

Commuting in London at night on the westbound CS8 last week, with one dead and one blocked rear blinker (so, totally dark from behind), talking on your phone via handsfree for miles, with just a low frequency, short duration *RED* forward blinker????


Can you say smart woman dumb choices????


No just dumb cyclist

I don't cycle when below about 7 degrees but walk along Goodge Street - 5 minutes - and the other day counted 8 bikes with no rear lights plus 1 batteries nearly dead and 2 worse than useless "pinpricks"  - mainly men but not all. I would say it was about a 20per cent idiocy rate.



Still don't get the 'no lights' thing. Very lazy, very skint or very careless - take yer pick. Am I a proper anorack for having spare lights as well as spare batteries with me at night?

  • By Stily1 at 1:37pm 15 February 2012

What are they thinking?! Oh, right, they're probably not.


  • By Stily1 at 9:24am 16 February 2012

Um, it was not my intention to pick on female riders. That was just descriptive, and to illustrate that someone who looked as if she felt she was righteously set up, was in fact a pretty bad hazard to herself and others. The fact that it was a woman is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.

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