Refurbishing shimano Altus cantliever breaks (sic)

These brakes have a plastic bush/shroud concealing the return springs - two have fractured due to material & sunlight.

Wher can I buy replacement bits - or is it cheaper to replace th whole assembly - but with what??

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  • By twiglet at 4:10pm 14 September 2011

If you find a decent shop they might have spares in a box taken from old units:



try Brixton Cycles, Simpson Cycles or Dial A Bike (30 Strutton Ground, London SW1P 2HR) The latter has drawers full of bits and bobs 


these on ebay at the mo:

Thanks for that info! I have set myself the target of replacing the cable-ties today!

Sourced a new "Raleigh" set from Brights at Raynes Park (Thanks, Jason!) my nearest LBS; time is of the essence as I'm teaching a keen young mum on it tonight.

£12-50 with LCC discount.


Thanks for the encouragement, Twiglet.

  • By Jon Fray at 4:27pm 16 September 2011

For future reference: When in search of replacement parts you could do worse than try Kingston Eco-op who have thousands of reclaimed parts. In fact Charles, if you have time maybe you could visit and see what's going on there; it's just along from Pitfields, behind Matalan.

Best wishes, Jon





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