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A new cycle route could allow cyclists to use a further path in Regent's Park.

Until now, the only path that cyclists have been allowed to use has been the Broad Walk between Chester Road and the north side of the Outer Circle, near the Zoo. The usefulness of this route was obviously limited by the lack of any continuation at the south end (or the north end - see below).

The Royal Parks are now proposing a cycle route across Marylebone Green, connecting Chester Road with Park Square West - see map below. A gap would need to be made in the central reservation of the Outer Circle, which has also prevented cyclists from turning right into Park Square West. The route is not a direct continuation of the Broad Walk through Avenue Gardens, which the Royal Parks claim - with some justification - are a different type of environment, less suitable for cycling.

map of the Marylebone Green route

Consultants W.S. Atkins have now compiled a pre-trial feasibility assessment for this route. In order to proceed with a trial, over £100K would need to be spent on improvements, notably widening the existing path. We understand that the assessment will shortly be lodged on the Royal Parks' web site.

The Marylebone Green path today
The Marylebone Green path today

At the north end of the Broad Walk, cyclists would like to be able to continue across St Mark's Bridge to Prince Albert Road. However, the volume of pedestrians, the narrowness of the bridge and probably the inadequate height of the sides make it difficult to allow cycling at present. But all the relevant authorities (the Royal Parks, Canal & River Trust etc.) are aware of cyclists' requirements here.

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