Removal of Cycle Lanes in Twickenham

Cycle through Twickenham? Then you'll want to see Richmond council's proposals for the town centre. Removal of cycle lanes and bus lanes feature heavily. Deadline to respond 31 August. Read more including how to comment back in our post. Note, there is an online questionnaire that you can respond to relating to the removal of cycle lanes - we'd ask everyone to hold the council to account through this.


The idea is to widen the footways by removing the cycle lanes (whilst retaining space for on-street car parking and 4 lanes for motor traffic). This is an ill-considered plan which we should oppose on their online consultation:

  • By gegi at 8:41am 31 July 2012

The removal of cycle lanes and wide pavements are not necessarily a bad thing. But in combination with retaining car parking and no realloactaion of road space away from motor traffic it seems a move to encourage driving.

Do we know the width of the neaside lanes?

  • By paul at 5:06pm 31 July 2012

gegi - Richmond Council encourage driving - surely not :).

The cycle lanes do help to avoid log-jammed traffic and bus lanes - aka decent width cycle lanes - are going as well . As they are squeezing as many lanes in as possible there will not be wide nearside lanes. The wide pavements are to allow cars to park on them - so much for reducing the dominance of motorised traffic.

  • By ajb at 1:40am 8 August 2012

It has also been picked up by a local Twickenham (non cycling) blog. There is a good photo of the existing lane that is being taken out.

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