Road Works: Problem or Opportunity?

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All too often, contractors find cycle lanes a convenient place to store their plant or to work on underground pipes and cables. This has happened on Victoria Embankment, where a length of the cycle lane has been closed until April 2014 to allow the installation of further anti-terrorist bollards along the kerb outside government offices.

Works on Embankment

Signs have been put up to dissuade motorists from trying to squeeze past cyclists.

Works on Embankment

Although these signs are helpful, the remaining space between the works and the outside lane could be designated a cycle lane. As the photo below shows, cyclists can take possession of this space at peak times. A regular user of the Victoria Embankment has suggested to Transport for London that this arrangement could be formalised by applying removable cycle lane markings, similar to those used for London 2012.

Works on Embankment

The current width restriction is also a useful way of assessing the likely effect of reallocating an entire traffic lane to cyclists. This could well be an option for the East-West Cycle Superhighway, the 'Cycling CrossRail'.

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