Robbed of my bike today

Hi fellow LCC-ers - this afternoon at 3:30 I was cycling west along Akerman Road, just after its junction with Patmos. I had just helped out at a local school, training teachers. Two men stepped into the road and threatened me with a crowbar, taking my bike and other possessions. Thankfully, they didn't hit me. I've reported it to the police.

They'd caught my eye because of the strange way one of them drifted slowly into the middle of my lane, blocking it. I handed everything over without a struggle when he threatened me.

Please get in touch if you see or hear of my bike - a silver blue Dawes Horizon touring bike with dropped handlebars. Unusually, it's got black electrical tape wrapped around half of the frame, and fluorescent yellow tape stuck in the front wheel's spokes. There were two yellow Ortlieb panniers with it. The frame's serial number is: F110102145 , 58cm frame size.

I hope no-one else gets threatened this way (or worse).



  • By Austen at 12:40pm 15 October 2011

Shocking.  Hope the cops do something about it.  I had a look on Gumtree and e-bay - nothing so far.

Bad luck Jon. This is a dreadful story and in broad daylight too! I do hope the police recover your bike and other possesions. More importantly I hope you're OK after this nasty incident. I hear Robert Elms from BBC London found his stolen bike listed on an overseas auction site so it may be worth taking a look beyond Ebay.


Thanks for the ideas and good wishes. I'd thought of Craigs list, but not Gumtree. The police also suggested checking nearby pawnbrokers - I'll do a round of them early next week. The police have been very helpful so far.

Yes, I'm ok. Find my heart racing every now and again. Horrible to think how much more chilling that could have been if, say, I'd been a young woman alone. Anyway, I'm relieved I and my family are all unhurt.

I thankfully have a cheap second bike, a mountain bike, and went for a wonderful long ride in the sunset tonight, along the Thames and up to Richmond Hill.

  • By Jon Fray at 12:10pm 17 October 2011

Good grief! Sorry to hear of this sort of awful thing happening to you Jon. Glad you weren't physically hurt. You reacted the best way I'm sure. Will look out for your bike.

Are you aware of ? It trawls for bikes for sale in London on ebay and Gumtree etc. It may be easier to use?

Glad you're back riding. It's good medicine.



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