Route advice: Stanmore to City of London

I have been cycling in and around London for 1.5 years.  I cycle everyday in London and go for longer rides during the weekend.

I am planning to cycle all the way to the City from around Stanmore and is worried about going down A41 and A1.  Is it safe enuf?  Wonder if anyone can suggest alternative routes?  I have a road bike and a hybrid so I reckon I could deal with most commuter route.

Thx a million!


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Try using TFL's Cycle Journey Planner.

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I forgot to add that TFL's Cycle Journey Planner also generates a GPX navigation file.

Use in an Android phone with this app:

Bike Navigator Free -


You could also try Cycle Streets:

That's a difficult journey with the roads as they are. I'd be inclined to use the A5 as far as West Hampstead, then cut across to the A41 and go round Regent's Park and use LCN Route 0 (Stations Circular) to the City. Or you could go via Camden Town. I think a route mostly on the A5 is much flatter than using the A1 and less intimidating, but it's not easy either way as the crossings of the North Circular are so poor. I usually cross the N Circular on the A5 by going round the signalised roundabout, but you do see some fast cylists using the flyover.

David (Brent Cyclists co-ordinator)

Oh thanks everyone - I will have a look at the Cycle Streets website!  I have had a look and it seems brilliant!  Thanks!

Hey clarinet
Ive been cycling from Stanmore to city for past 18 months daily.
I use A5, to Edgware Rd st, Left onto Marlybone Rd, Right onto russell Sq all the way down to the river, and then left along the river to my work place in the City.
takes 50 mins averaging 15-16mph. Faster than the Tube.

The A5 has a Bus Lane most of the way down it and cars generally are not going fast enough to intimidate. The N.Circ flyover can be dealt with by sticking to your lane.  Although the cars are fast, they are so few that you can easily be seen.

the A5 is due a cycle superhighway in 2015.

Pollution mask recommended for Marylebone Road though!

Hope it helps

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