Route to the Olympics ???? Chiswick to Stratford

I've just had another go at using the london 2012 "spectator journey planner" to see how they advise me to ride to the Olympic Park.


Unfortunately, it wouldn't cope with my home postcode (only journeys up to 20km are supported) but it would accept Chiswick which isn't too far east of me.


The route it came up with to the Southern Bike Park is at


I supposes it tries for a quiet route and so maximises the use  of canals and another good point is that it avoids the Bow roundabout !

However, I am deeply suspicious about its practicality and the strange crossing of the A12 Blackwall Tunnel approach looks unfeasible.

Does anyone know ?

Try it at your own risk !



  • By gegi at 4:17pm 23 January 2012

They obviously thought you like riding your bike, so you'll want to ride it for as long as possible. I'd struggle to find a more circuitous route. Three Mills is fine if you like cobbles.

Try It can plot routes up to 30km and it offers three options on every route; a fastest route, a quietest route and a baleanced route for optimum trade-off between speed and hostile traffic, each with thumbnail maps of juntions along the route and a height profile. It is based on open source mapping and it can learn: if ot gives a rubbish route because it has missed an obvious shortcut there is a feedback option to tell the organisers what they have missed.

In this case the fastest route is given along Kensington Road and the Strand, the quietest route is through Fulham and along the Embankment (the Thames Path route) and the balanced route goes through Notting Hill and Paddington, then along the LCN 0 Seven Stations route. All about as good as it gets for that journey.

After going through Bethnal Green, though, all three routes converge on Whitechapel Road, Bow Roundabout and Stratford High Street. My spies tell me that this is the only way into the Olympic Park at present - and at that it seems to involve walking through the Westfield shopping centre, where cycling is not allowed.

  • By paul at 9:42am 25 January 2012

I am leading an LCC ride to the View Tube from Barnes. My route seems to be a combination of cyclestreet's fastest and slowest routes . We are riding it on a Sunday but I scouted it during the week and it is not too hairy.

The route to the ViewTube looks eminently sensible - perhaps we should tell london2012 !

I do wonder what happens at the Bow roundabout in Games time. I'll have to cross the A12 somewhere.

Very odd things are supposed to happen to the east bound connection to Stratford High Street (there's supposed to be a Games lane on the left hand side, an everything else lane next to it and a contra-flow Games Lane connecting ?MarshGate Lane back to the Bow roundabout on the outside lane of the same carriageway)

How many cyclists are they expecting ?

And do they all fit into the everything else lane ?



Sorry, the link to the TfL ORN consultation map got mangled.

Try this :

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I'd definately head towards Bethnal Green and Victoria Park and rather than going via Bow Roundabout, apart from the proven dangers of Bow Roundabout, Bethnal Green and the park is more interesting and way more pleasant.

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