Royal College Street Cycle Lane

Is anyone else scratching thier head over this rather quirky stretch of cycleway? I'm new to this forum so appologies in advance if I mess something up!

I use this every day and the following makes life harder than it should be:

I've been very close to being bounced off my bike a few times where Pratt Street joins Royal College Street (currently where the roadworks are) by cars or vans who just drive across the cycle lane irrespective of anyone using it. The short detour off the original track that takes you onto the main carriageway while the roadworks are in place isn't helping in this respect. Apart from anything else - there is always a big works lorry parked in it. Most cyclist are now cutting the corner completely here when turning left out of Georgiana Street and cycling the wrong way down Royal College Street untill they can join the cycle lane proper. Can't be a good plan I would suggest.

The main carriageway has those faintly ridiculous 'pillow' speed bumps that have no effect on motorcycles or any vehicle with a wide track and the cycle track is full off speed bumps that completely traverse it. Result - I get a very bumpy ride in contra-flow and I don't use the cycle lane at all when heading back towards Kentish Town from Euston. The main carriageway provides a much smoother ride. A bit bonkers surely .....

It seems to me that the installation of this very useful cycle lane should at least be cycle friendly - what's occuring?


If respect of the pen-ultimate paragraph above - the 'speed bumps' provide access for pedestrians to the main carriageway from the bus stop but all the same I think they could be a little lower!

  • By darditti at 7:46pm 30 November 2011

I agree it's not perfect, but at least you can ride contraflow, which you couldn't before it was built. With flow, it's your choice whether to cycle on the track or the road, but I, and most cyclists I know, much prefer to use the track. Motor compliance with the give-ways on the side roads is not perfect, so caution is needed, but this is better than the usual solution of making cyclists give way.

The temporary works are not good, no, but at least a good attempt has been made to accommodate the cycle flow while they are going on, which does not usually happen (I've never known it to happen before, and I think LB Camden deserves congratulation on this advanced thinking in fact).

David Arditti

Brent Cyclists co-ordinator

  • By gegi at 3:36pm 1 December 2011

Thanks David,

I totally agree that the bypass of the roadworks is exceptional and probably  unheard of in the UK. Thanks to Camden Cycling Campaign and Camden council who have made it happen.


I couldn't possibly disagree with any of the above and there is no doubt that it is far better than ever it was so I'm not complaining too loudly. I guess the road works that obscure drivers vision as they approach to cross the cycle lane is more of a concern than anything else and that should be sorted soon enough with luck. I would much rather put up with the raised areas by the bus stops than not be able to ride in contr-flow for sure!

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