Royal Mint street 'driving' super highway

Anybody else affected by motor vehciles being diverted along the segregated cycle superhighway 3 at Royal Mint street? Cyclists are told to dismount!

Some pics here\

Videos here:

Amazingly they have given a cycle track to drivers whilst seemingly expecting cyclists to divert via the Highway or Mansell street gyratory.


  • By Stewart at 12:21pm 15 June 2011

Yep - i spotted this going through this morning and yesterday. It seems odd to block up the cycle lane and turn it over to cars - especially as it is used by way more cyclist then cars. I don't see why they couldn't shut the road to cars and keep the cycle lane as is.

On top of that it's not really clear what cyclist are mean to do - so cyclist just seem to ignore it in a confused manner!

Not sure TfL really thought this through

Vehicles also behaved in a confused manner - e.g.,exiting RMS on the cycle greenThis was the result of some very muddled thinking by a LB Tower Hamlets staff member dealing with blocked road guttering after the heavy rains on the Sunday that flooded adjacent basements.  He hoped to have the problem cleared in a few hours on Monday morning and therefore didn't 'close the road', albeit it was closed - by the hole, as this handy solution presented itself; sharing the cycle track!  (And then the hole had to go deeper...)  His alternative was liaison with various other road agencies to close the road from the north exit from Tower Bridge, not a short-staffed-because-of-the-cuts-first-call-solution.  And because it was an emergency he didn't need to apply to suspend the mandatory nature of the cycle track, a processs that might have brought some reality to play.  All this came out of phone calls I made on the Tuesday having been alerted Monday evening to the problem.  I got the impression that quite a few ears were being chewed; a number of senior town hall staff cycle that route.  The problem lies with higher traffic management failing to move staff away from the motor vehicle comes first culture plus not educating staff about cycle flows along this route.  He had no idea about the extent of use in the peak period, nor understood about the contra-flow nor that on their green vehicles went in a different direction to the bikes!  What he was clear about by Tuesday afternoon was that his guttering problem was a politcal minefield.  Tower Hamlets Wheelers are writing to Margaret Cooper (Head of Traffic & Transportation) to stress that in a hierarchy of solutions the cycle route is not the expendable factor.

Wonderful, love the idea of cycles and motor vehicles swopping places!  Will look forward to it next time there's any utilities works needed on our beautiful blue bayou. 

As to the increasing use of 'Cyclists Dismount' signs, until I see a 'Drivers Get Out and Push' sign, I shall continue to blissfully ignore.

Following the Queen Street fiasco, clear that what we actually have are actually Cycle sub-optionalways.  Time to act directly?

the swap seems to have taken place also on the north carriage way of Hyde Park.

All to often the cycle lanes here are turned into  car and lorry parks whilst cyclists are told to use the adjacent foorpaths.

Perhaps this is a london wide precident for when cycle lanes are "bocked"?

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