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It’s free, it’s useful, it encourages more cyclists to cycle more often!

This feedback from a cyclist having her chainguard repaired was just one of many compliments received at last year's popular Dr Bike events in the Royal Parks. Westminster Cycling Campaign have again be worked with the Royal Parks to organise one of the largest series of Dr Bike events in London:

These events will help cyclists to keep their bikes on the road this autumn by offering:

  • Dr Bike: Free cycle safety check and maintenance advice.
  • Cycle security marking: Get your bike registered by the Metropolitan Police to deter thieves and help police and retailers identify stolen bikes.
  • 'Exchanging Places' (at Greenwich Park and Regent's Park): Enabling cyclists to experience a HGV driver's view of the road and get a better understanding of the blind spots around the vehicle. This raises awareness of the dangers of collisions between cyclists and trucks.
  • Cycling information: Free maps, leaflets and advice, including information about considerate cycling in the Royal Parks. This is also an opportunity for cyclists to find out more about LCC.

This series of Dr Bike events in the Royal Parks follows an earlier successful series held in Bike Week in June.

Exchanging Places photo by Philip Benstead @ cycling4ALL

Exchanging Places photo by Philip Benstead @ cycling4ALL

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Yes but there's hardly anywhere to cycle in Kensington Gardens. The Broadwalk, though welcome, is often very crowded with children, skateboards, prams, dogs, would be far better to have cycle only paths and throughout Kensington Gardens. It's a huge area with plenty of room for everyone. There is no alternative to the busy Bayswater Road or the section of Kensington Road between Queensgate and the south end of the Broadwalk.  Absolutely appalled to read in South East Bayswater Residents Association 'News' Autumn 2014 (page 70) that the so-called 'Friends of Hyde Pk & Kensington Gdns' say :"Royal Parks are working hard on ways to make shared use footpaths unattractive to cyclists and will be seeking extra funding for this". Where do they think cyclists should cycle? Are they unconcerned with the cycle deaths on London streets? We should be campaigning for funding to make many more cycle paths in Royal Parks.

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