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  • By Kepi192 on at 11:54pm 19 November 2013
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ITV evening news today, an LCC representative, asked directly about the comments made by the Mayor - a regular and committed cyclist himself - regarding bad choices/decisions made by some London cyclists. Did he answer the question - of course not, he's an LCC representitive. No, instead he chose to completely ignore the question and launched into the usual tirade against HGV's.

Beginining to think the LCC is a bit of a one-trick-pony. You never see an LCC representative taking advantage of such exposure to both educate and berate the kind of cyclists Boris was refering to. Some of the behaviour of cyclists on our roads is both stupid and frightening to witness. I am now resigned to the fact that at some point I am going to witness the death or serious injury to one or more of these irresponsible individuals. The LCC need to get a grip and start to highlight these unsafe practices.

I am willing to be corrected on this point but I understand that the unfortunate individual whole his life in Whitechapel last Wednesday/Thursday evening was riding the wrong way down a one-way street. Does not absolve the driver for his lack of attention but as the Mayor pointed out we are at times our own worst enemies. Come LCC leadership, stand up and be counted, only a small minority of drivers are reckless or foolish, sadly that can not be said of many London cyclists.

Just for the record, I am not a driver of HGV's or anything else. I'm 54 years old, ridden most of my life - only recently in London - and I've reached this age by not being the kind of cyclists the Mayor had a go at.


  • By roadrage at 3:35pm 20 November 2013

I must agree its all about ban this and make this saferand dare anyone critisise a cyclist even though just like yourself having been a London cyclist for many years i believe questions about cycling behaviour on our roads needs to be asked. An cycling organisations like LCC need to ask them.

  • By phufbl at 4:31pm 20 November 2013

I think I am a safe and considerate cyclist but I do at times feel intimidated, vulnerable or endangered on the road.

  • By paul at 5:04pm 20 November 2013

"only a small minority of drivers are reckless or foolish,  "

What proportion of drivers pass you as per the Highway Code ?

Although there is bad behaviour by some cyclists the current road infrastructure actually encourages it. Many people think the cycle lane is the safest place to be, or even the only part of the road cyclists are allowed to use. This often takes riders up the left hand side of vehicles. At junctions often the ONLY legal way into an ASL (supposedly where cyclists are safest) is up the left hand side of vehicles.

When roads are confusing by design, and people are dying because of it, the LCC has a duty to challenge it.

  • By Kepi192 at 11:55pm 21 November 2013

Agree they do have a duty to challenge road/cycle lane design but as an organisation for CYCLISTS they should also be making an equal amount of noise about the unsafe practices of cyclists. as for getting up the left side of buses etc. to reachan ASL, if you see the light change to red you have ample time to make the manouver, if you are not sure about the lights stay back - just like it advises on the rear of mant large vehicles.

Adding a few seconds to your jurney time is far better than shortening your life by a few decades. Set off on your journey with plenty of time then there is no need to rush, or am I just being too sensible - from some of the comments on this site, probably so.

Ride safely but remember that the railings that have prevented cyclists from a chance of escaping colliding vehicles were put there to prevent dopey pedestrians from crossing the road other than at the crossing and corner cutting. So move them over , outside the bike lane , and protect cyclists too please!.

Also apart from those cyclist KSI's (killed or seriously injured) in london, 51% of total were PEDESTRIANS. Wiki shows there were 24,700 odd total casualties in UK 2012. Those Tens of Thousands of others hit had NOTHING to do with bad riding! Pedestrians involved are even on the pavement most of the time.

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