Safety Tip for People on Bikes in Freezing Conditions: wear gloves

I was amazed, (should I have been really?), to see people riding bikes this morning without gloves on their hands in freezing conditions. The solution one guy had was to ride with no hands on the handlebars and to keep both his hands in his coat pockets while cycling on the road. This seems utterly reckless to my way of thinking.


They must be from Newcastle. I even spotted a bloke riding in short trousers yesterday!

  • By Ruth at 8:31pm 17 January 2013

And still seeing gals in heels on Pashleys around Kew. Maybe I'm just a wee bit jealous because I can't walk in heels. Bet my feet aren't freezing though...

  • By JHW at 11:53am 20 January 2013

Some Good Advice here

Agree with you; need of gloves in winters is more. But we must use goggles and ski helmet in freezing conditions.

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